THE IDEA in a nutshell

The Problem

  • Most smart devices and their applications require access to our personal data.
  • Much of the required data is given to third parties for tracking and advertising purposes.
  • The associated terms and conditions are complex legal documents that most people do not read.

The Idea in a nutshell (see more)

Create a community and a crowdsourcing platform to:

  • Help raise awareness to citizens of the privacy related consequences of digital technologies.
  • Inform about ways to protect our private data from unjustified access.
  • Put pressure to developers to comply with our privacy protection needs

Anybody can be part of our community. Watch the video and register to support this effort.



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Why get involved?

  • Help us spread the idea
  • Keep updated! We frequently add articles to enhance our privacy consciousness.
    • Check for instance our "Actual Cases" page
    • Give your feedback to the community through the respective "Feedback" page
  • With a sufficiently large community support, we will start developing software solutions
  • Eventually, we will plan community actions and you can decide to take voluntary part

How to get involved?

  • Join the community to show your support in this effort, simply by liking us on facebook , following us on twitter or on instagram or by submitting your email and  optionally your country on the right*.

*The owners of this site do not use cookies or other means to track your whereabouts or any other personal data, while you explore our site. For this reason, every time you return back to this site, you are a fresh new person to us and we will prompt you to register. You don’t need to do so, if you have done it already.

Please register to support this effort By registering to this form you agree with the Terms and Conditions of this website. If you ever wish to unsubcribe follow the link.


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